Bold Flavor, Now delivered.

The world's first fully USDA Organic alcoholic beverage portfolio is coming to living rooms across the US through a major partnership with Drizly. Backed by an advertising campaign that will drive volume and repeat business, this program delivers a high-end solution to every street and cul de sac in our launch cities.

About Crook & Marker

For far too long, the Millennial generation - 80 million strong, now all of legal drinking age - were served up alcoholic beverages filled with sugar, carbs and calories. So they turned to hard seltzers to avoid sugar and calories, but they're left feeling bored and wanting more. They want uncompromising flavor. At last, Crook & Marker is here to give today's consumers what they're seeking - a drink that checks all the boxes.

  • Zero sugar & net carbs1
  • 80 calories per can
  • Sweetened from natural sources
  • Naturally gluten free, non-GMO & vegan
  • No artificial flavors and sweeteners
  • No artificial preservatives or added sulfites

Why Crook & Marker?

Our mission is to reimagine alcohol with the world's first fully USDA Organic alcoholic beverage portfolio with bold flavor you can trust.
​Our BaseBrew® organic alcohol is carefully crafted using quinoa, amaranth, millet and cassava root. It's a modern twist on ancient grains, so you can enjoy infinite flavor with zero guilt.​

  • Top 5 seltzer brand in $ growth and #8 in FMB.2
  • Ranked #7 in volume among seltzer and a aop 10 brand in FMB.2
  • Increased profitability opportunity for retailers as the #1 average price per case in seltzers and #2 in FMB.3
  1. Spiked Lemonade has less than 1 gram net carbs
  2. Nielsen Total US xAOC Latest 26 weeks ending 10/05/2019
  3. Nielsen Total US xAOC Latest 13 weeks ending 10/05/19

Step 1

Retailer agrees to participate in the program and provides a name and phone number of the person who manages Drizly in the store.

Step 2

Crook & Marker assists with set up and order fulfillment.

Step 3

Crook & Marker kicks off advertising campaign driving traffic to the store.

Helping your customers find us

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Look of success

Case Stacker

Merchandising Options

We appreciate your support and we have a range of POS and merchandise options available for your team.

All Crook & Marker orders will be supported with paper POS. Orders of 6 or more cases will also qualify for a case stacker. Orders of 12 or more cases will qualify for 2 case stackers. For orders of 25 or more cases, stores will also qualify for a merchandise kit that includes t-shirts, hats and other items. (These merchandise items are available where permitted by law. In some states, they may be available for purchase. Please talk to your Crook & Marker rep to discuss availability in your area.)